Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY: Feather Ear Cuff

Happy Last Friday of 2011! Well I am defiantly ready to usher in the New Year!  Let's play some catch up first, for the month of December. I've been rather M.I.A, with good reason. I spent most of the month hidden away in my workshop working on a large selection of custom orders. The most interesting of which was a hat inspired by Elder Scrolls : Skyrim, video game. I'll be posting about the project next week, but if you would like a sneak peak, you can go here.

I also did some Christmas travelling to my hometown in Mississippi and spent Christmas with my family it was a fantastic trip and I had an amazing time. I caught up with winner of the Monday Mustache giveaway Snapped a Fabulous photo of her. I finished project Candy for Candace! So many  Projects, it was great to be busy.

I'll have a post later today highlighting all the amazing projects I did this month. For now enjoy this fun new DIY, project!!!!!

DIY: Feather Ear Cuff

Dream Big

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Canvas Chat: Meet the Artist, Shanice Bevans

Cosplay as Ezio Auditore, costume
Made by Shanice Bevans 

I thought I would start interviewing some of my fellow artists here at the Canvas, its a great way to learn more about what others are doing. How they are inspired and just a brief glance into another's mind.

So without further adieu, Here's my interview with the multi-talented Shanice Bevans. She plays guitar, cooks, sews, draws and paints, those are a tiny view into a very talented Artist:

The First Canvas Chat with Artist Shanice Bevans

Tell us about where you are from and how you got started?

I’m currently from Palmdale, Ca, originally from Los Angeles. I started with art in my younger years with basic supplies and having time to draw when I had any chance I got.

Monday, December 12, 2011

And the winner is!

Congratulations to Lillian for winning the Monday Mustache! I'll be in contact with  you so that I can send you, your lovely stache! Thank you to all who who participated. I hope you guys comeback for next giveaway here at the Tattered Canvas. In other exciting news I've been handling several fantastic custom orders recently. Its  so much fun I've been receiving many interesting requests. I'm keeping this post short however, this little elf needs some sleep! I'll have more posted tomorrow as well as the exciting conclusion to Project Candy. ~Sorianna

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Make a Dreamcatcher from a Bangle

This week's Tutorial. spins off from my last project. How to make Satin Embroidery Floss Wrapped Bangles found here. I love Dreamcatchers they are beautiful.

This not a traditional Dreamcatcher. Those are made from Willow. If you'd like to learn more about Traditional Dreamcatcher go here.

To make this Dreamcatcher:

How to Make a Dreamcatcher from a Bangle

Now for some updates! I've been rather busy in my workshop as of late. I've been playing with wire I made new design for my Etsy. I've added several new pieces to my shop as well.  The bracelet came out better than I could expected. I enjoyed making this I can't wait to make more.

I got a very interesting commission from my friend and fellow artist Candace Kapana. She loves to cosplay and asked me to make a translucent Butterfly hair clip. So of course I plunged Head long into the depths of the Challenge in front of me.

Here is a picture of Mock up I made. I figured out a better technique in middle of making this, but that's why I made a practice one. The wine bottle in the picture is from my Wedding. My Step Father-in-law and Mother-in -law made wine for my wedding and surprised me with custom labels.

That's all for now! don't forget to enter the Mustache Monday Giveaway! It ends Friday.

Dream Big and Take Care

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mustache Monday Giveaway

Its time for The Canvas' First Give away!!!! What better to giveaway on this Monday. The first Monday after Movember is Mustache Monday. 

The prize!!!

A Wonderful Chocolate Brown Polymer Clay Mustache Necklace! 

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below and leave your name Too!

Dates : December 5, 2011 to December 9, 2011 
Contest is Now Closed
Winner will be chosen at Random! Using And announced on
Monday December 12. 2011
So make sure to check iback on Monday!

Rules: Participants must be in the U.S. You may only enter once.

<3 Sorianna!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pinterest and Createability

I am now on Pinterest! I really like this website so far. I have a few boards made all ready. Its also a great way to keep inspired and take notes on things I find online. The very neat part is I can share what inspires me with others, you can follow me comment on things that I have pinned or even get inspired yourself. To follow me you use the Pinterest icon on the Follow me menu.

I also joined an amazing team on Etsy, Createability. Its team centered around artisans who either have disability or care for love one with disability. From the Etsy Team Page:
"A water dance" Ink Drawing By Sorianna Choate

"Our mission is to form partnerships for building our businesses, support each other , and encourage growth qithin the Etsy and artist community.We choose to take back control of the terms used around our various conditions, and hope to bring knowledge and awareness to those around us."

The team is amazing, so many talented artists, who work together and support each other. I have a Pinterest board for the team where I will be adding members shop listings.

Creatability Team Board.

I've been working to make some changes to blog as well, I've added a section about myself and an index of all my tutorials is now listed listed. I have many new and exciting things planned  and some  new sculpting  techniques as well, hair sticks, stick bun accessory, many more exciting projects. Also its Christmas time I am making a lot of presents this year. Handmade gifts are the best!!!I am about 4  and quarter rows done from finishing my sister's crocheted hat. Its a nice satiny hot pink shade.That's all for now!

For more on Createability:

Createability Team Etsy Page

Dream Big


Monday, November 28, 2011

How to make Satin Embroidery Floss Wrapped Bangles

New How to For December! Satin Embroidery Floss Bangles! Very easy to make and a great gift and good way to touch up old jewelry. Its a little time consuming but the pay off is well worth it. I've made about 6 by now in varying colors from teal to purple.The link below will take you to my Instructable!

"How to make Satin Embroidery Floss Wrapped Bangles"

Here is another item I am getting ready to list in my shop, sculpted owls with Swarovski crystal eyes. I coated them in a pearl powder. I have been busy working on lots of new ideas and projects to come. As well as new updates and changes to the Canvas!

I love making Christmas gifts for my friends and family it makes me happy to see them wearing my creations.

Enjoy the Project! Stay tuned for Holiday Contest! Don't forget to check out A Tattered Canvas on Etsy for handmade gifts!

Until next time, Keep dreaming big!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stamp It and Stitch it!

Made for the Amazing Laura 
So I have been busy playing with my stamps lately, on clay, a technique I had been wanting to try this so very badly! I made this pendant for dear friend of mine who is such an inspiration to me. The color is Kaura Pink  and reminds me of butter cream frosting. Thanksgiving  and Christmas are around the corner I am very busy making presents. I think a Handmade gift for Christmas is awesome, I love making my presents because it makes them personal and one of a kind.

Personalized Pendants for Eva and Ava. 
The technique is for clay stamping is simple and straight forward, It makes me wonder why I waited so long to try this. I have about million ideas swirling around in my head. I think personalized pendants will great gifts for anyone. I'm going to have purchase more stamps, I have an idea for an amazing mask.

Kitsune Hat
I am crocheting again as well.  Working on mittens made from April Draven's Blog she has tons of lovely crochet patterns and she sells them on Etsy as well. I made a my own Kitsune hat which is  a prototype for making a better one I am pleased with how it came out however, I learned many things I want to change. Or can do much better next go around I also plan on making a Cloche hat.

Feather Harley Quinn Inspired Earrings
Also  for a tiny shout to my love of Harley Quinn I made red  and black feather earrings for a fellow fan of Miss Harley. I love making feather earrings. They are super light and comfy, they don't add weight on the ears.These required some wire wrapping skills but were fun to make. This fan of Miss Harley has also attended me at two craft shows in Mississippi and  is the wonderfully Charming Mrs Angela. She's a fellow artist who paints and draws, and is currently learning the rudiments of animation.

Clay Owl Pendant.
Lastly, today I sculpted a small owl from Fimo polymer clay. It was my first owl pendant. He measures about 2 inches tall is a inch and a half in width. I made each feather and added crystals for the eyes and will be making these for my Etsy shop as well some octopus charms. These will be available to be ordered in custom colors and with different color choices available for eyes.

Working a new How to Project and Holiday Craft List Until Next time!

Keep Dreaming Big!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Touch of Black Magic

Every year I make tons of sweets for the Halloween, I can't help it, something about that cool crisp air. It just sparks the imagination. This year I wanted to make Cake pops. Cake pops have many names, cake balls, cake truffles, the list goes on!

These are made with Red Velvet cake. The process is very simple, but its also time consuming so if you are looking to make these, make sure you have a few hours set aside. I'll be posting my recipe and tips I learned from scouring the web.

This year for Halloween I was genuinely stumped on a costume I like to come up with something original or work from something I can my own flair to. I was a Victorian Marionette doll this year. I made a Marionette from balsa wood and ribbon. I attached chains at the ends and clipped it into lace back blazer. I also wore a striking pink and blonde wig made by California Costumes. I found it at this Halloween and Magic shop. The Shop is called Mr.G's Magic and Costumes and they have been there for 14 years. They had a great selection of costumes and wigs. I liked that I was able to try on  my wig before I purchased it. The staff was also wonderful. Very helpful and courteous I hope to be back soon.

For makeup I used Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Volume II. I decided to go with a sorta of Harlequin Doll look. I think it came out nicely. My necklace was made from sewing a bow onto ribbon and adding a secondary bow with a cross charm. As for costume its self I wore my lace blazer, silver blouse and black peasant skirt with platform peep toe pumps by BCBG. I used my headband from past post on my wig. Its great to make a costume from new stuff as well old. I hope to next time get some white face paint and paint my own mask on.

Of course Halloween is not complete without a Jack o'Lantern to ward off evil for another year. My sister bought me the largest Cinderella pumpkin she could find. It two me hours to carve and I think I scooped about 10lbs of pumpkin guts out. I was making this year's pumpkin a tribute to the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. I think he came out tiny bit sinister but I liked it. Pumpkin Carving has long tradition in my family I learned from my father who has such amazing ideas, which always inspired me.

Now for the Tasty recipe!

Red Velvet Cake Devil Pops

1 box Red Velvet Cake or 1 Red Velvet Cake from Scratch
1 bag Wilton Dark Cocoa Candy melts
1 bag White Chocolate Chips.
2/3 cup cream cheese frosting store bought or made from scratch [ I made mine]
Lollipop sticks
Styrofoam or Box top with holes poked in it to let cake pops dry.

Lollipop bags
Small pumpkin


1. Bake the cake according to box or recipe and let cool completely. Very important the cake is completely cool.

2, Crumble the cake into a bowl with two forks. It look sorta like fluffy couscous.

3. Add frosting, now you may have a little more, but mix the icing into you cake crumbs until you get a play dough texture.

4. Roll your cake into balls and place on baking sheet. When cake is all used up place Cake balls in freezer for about 30 mins. And begin melting chocolate in double boiler.

5. Remove the cake balls from the freezer and dip the ends of each of lollipop stick in chocolate then into ball. Once ever ball has a lollipop stick put back in freezer for an 1 hour. The reason behind is you want the stick to be able to adhere to the cake ball.

6.Take the cake pops out and dip in remaining chocolate . Go slowly and take your take time, one you dip chocolate add two white chocolate chips and slip into the Styrofoam or box top and let cool..

7, Serve and EAT! As for my display I used a small pumpkin that I cut with a knife and then stabbed with a bamboo skewer. After that I just popped the Cake pops in!

Well That's all for my Double Double Boil and Trouble this Year!

Dream Big!

Photo Credits : Eva Quinquinio and Bobby Choate

Friday, October 14, 2011

Playing with Wire and Clay

Today was a productive day even if I was sleepy through most of it. The weather was nice, nice cool crisp fall day. I made and crafted while watching movies. I watched "The Dutchess" it was better than I expected. It was very inspiring thee's something really elegant about about period movies.

Now onto the fun stuff, I made this octopus pendant today as experiment for some new jewelry I've been dreaming. the process was pretty easy I'm happy it has sort of has a bubblegum look to it. I really love octopi they are so cute!!!! I plan on making amigurumi one. I also finally have a picture of the unicorn horn I promised to make for dear friend of mine who absolutely loves unicorns.

I also played with copper wire and aluminum wire to make some rings, my sister had brought up wanting a thumb ring I don't often make rings from wire, its something I have not experimented with very much. The copper wire I included red heart and I braided the wire and worked on the focal. I like how it came out I think next time I want to use a hammer to flatten the braid. The second which was done in aluminum I used glass pearls and focused more on coiling the wire. The ring I made with aluminum wire fits more on the ring finger than the thumb.

That's about it for what I played with today I'm contemplating my next tutorial project, and possible mask give away or giveaway fo piece of jewelry, My camera is broken so I've been working with what is one hand. My Applejack crochet project is mildly on hold, that much crochet will give me arthritis.  I want to try and get some painting in this weekend as well. Maybe some more hiking if I am lucky.

Take care and Dream big


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is Halloween! Amigurumi Pumpkin

I just love the month of October, Halloween and the smell of Autumn in the air. Fat round pumpkins, gourds, and squash, can be found everywhere along with delicious apples! The smell of warm cinnamon is enough to make any house smell like one of most wonderful places. I've recently been very into Amigurumi, which is the Japanese word for knitted or crocheted stuffed animals or anthropomorphic creatures.

I started crocheting years ago, my mother taught me how. She's amazing what she makes, scarves, warm afghans, and ponchos. I never really had the patience to keep up with stitch count back then. I guess it just took me time to slow down.  This is a little Jack o'lantern I made and have  named Little Cinderella! I am hoping to make white or cream colored friend for Little Cinderella named Lumina. I can't wait to go to the Pumpkin Patch and pick out beauty for this year. I think my Halloween costume might be a bit Pumpkin inspired too we shall see!

Now for the pattern:

Amigurumi Little Cinderella Pumpkin Pattern

Supplies and Tools
Pumpkin Worsted Weight Yaen
Chocolate Brown Worsted Weight Yarn
Light Green Worsted Weight Yarn
Black Worsted weight Yarn
3mm or 3.75mm crochet hook
Poly fill
Yarn needle.
Stitch marker or Scrap yarn

Abbreviations and Symbols
sc = single crochet
stc = stitch count
ch = chain
sc2tog = single crochet two together, this meant as a decrease
sl st = slip stitch
rnd =round
* = repeat
Row =  Row

Pattern notes: I used Impeccable worsted weight yarn. You also do not have join rounds if you prefer working in spirals, that is up to the individual. Also Gauge of the hook does not matter unless you looking for making small pumpkin like mine, if not jsut make sure you yarn and hook match in size.



Rnd 1 : With pumpkin yarn ch 2, sc 6 in second ch from the hook. join with sl st [stc 6]
Rnd 2 :ch 1, sc 2 in each sc,join with sl st, [stc 12]
Rnd 3 :ch 1, *sc in each sc, then 2 sc in the next sc*, join with sl st [stc 18]
Rnd 4 :ch 1, *sc in the next 2 sc, then 2 sc in the next sc* join with sl st [stc 24]
Rnd 5 :ch 1, *sc in the next 3 sc, then 2 sc in the next sc* join with sl st [stc 30]
Rnd 6-10 : ch 1, sc in each sc, join with sl st [stc 30]
Rnd 11: ch 1, *sc2tog, sc in the next 3* join with sl st [stc 24]
Rnd 12: ch 1, *sc2tog, sc in the next 2* join with sl st [stc 18]
Rnd 13: ch 1, *sc2tog, sc in the next 1* join with sl st [stc 12]
Stuff with poly fill
Rnd 14: ch 1, *sc2tog all around* [stc 6]
To enlarge Diagram click here
Rnd 15: sl st all arround [stc 3] bind off and weave in

Rnd 1 : With Chocolate Brown yarn ch 2, sc 6 in second ch from the hook. join with sl st [stc 6]
Rnd 2-3: sc in each sc [stc 6]

Note: The stem you do not have join rounds. simply work in spiral.

Row 1: ch 2, 2 sc in second ch from the hook.[stc 2]
Row 2: ch 1, sc in next sc, then 2 sc in next sc, [stc 3]
Row 3: ch 1, sc in next sc [stc 3]
Row 4: ch 1, sc2tog , sc [stc 2]
Row 5: ch 1 sc [stc 1]
Bind off and weave in

To make the body look like a pumpkin refer to the Diagram. Lastly attach all parts and embroider your own face on with black yarn, or even use beads for eyes. you leave him blank and make a few for nice table arrangement!

I hope this was easy to understand I've never written a crochet pattern before. Thee is plethora of information of how read patterns and how to crochet, and a lot of sites that offer some very awesome patterns out there! If you have any questions leave comment below

I am working on making a mask for a Halloween give away! See you next Time!

Dream Big!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well the Results are in....

I worked very hard for "Play with Clay" challenge on Instructables. I made two entries of which one was featured my "How to 80s style Earrings" and a second entitled "Glamorous Plumeria /bracelet made from polymer clay." I did not make it into the final rounds of the competition but, I did enjoy competing. I really like how glamorous this piece actually came out. I was very nervous about using myself as a model. I think it would be a lovely wedding piece of jewelry for any bide after I finished making it, which was a side thought after final completion.

 My current projects have been focused mostly on Amigurumi , Japanese style of crochet for making tiny plush toys.  I have made an invincibility star, elephant, teddy bear and currently hard at work on  a "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic" piece. The Star was fun to make the pattern is not mine I found it here .My camera broke on my birthday, in September. working on trying to get funds together to continue sharing my ideas and pieces with my tiny corner of the world. I'm also very busy with trying to my body back in shape at the moment! That's all for quick update at the moment.

To make the choker go here:
Glamorous Plumeria /bracelet made from polymer clay

Keep dreaming!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Trip to Georgia

Miss Mad Hatter in watercolor pencil by Sorianna Choate
I recently traveled to Georgia, to visit my Husband's family for the past week. It was a great trip filled with warm family love, pumpkin butter and cinnamon rolls. It started with a trip to visit the fabulous Heather Ozee, my wonderfully talented cousin, her husband and her amazing two girls Roxy and Isabel. We played arts and crafts all day and my puppy Tor romped with the girls as well. I had a chance to test out watercolor pencils, it was love at first brushstroke. Also Heather had the house decorated for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays! I did this quick sketch after talking about Miss Roxy's upcoming birthday party. I really liked how easy the pencils were to use. Also Alice in Wonderland is great theme for any party! My talented cousin runs a shop on Etsy, a blog and here's her Facebook page Heather Ozee Designs.

Pretty Purple Tiara by Sorianna Choate and Kayla Porter

After spending the day with them we headed up to Suwanee, to my mother in law's for barbecue and some football. As always the food was amazing! My sister in law and I started on our crafting odyssey. I worked out the kinks in my next how to project which I will attempt to finish this weekend. I made a lovely purple tiara for her, I learned how to crochet a granny square, baked chocolate chip cookies  and made cinnamon rolls. It was a blast I visited with my amazing half brother Shane and his step mom Marcia! I was surprised with early birthday cake by my mother in law, it was delicious! I also partook in daily tea as well. Notes on the tiara, this was combined effort of my sister in law, Miss Kayla and I, she helped make roses with me and placed them after I finished all the wire work, Its good to be home, though I enjoy visiting family I wish I had more time. My husband was there too I promise! He got in some great naps and play time with all the little fuzzies!

Family Christmas, Hattiesburg, MS 2005   
On a side note today would have been my father's 51st birthday, I miss him dearly. I would like to think he's relaxing on a beach right now with the moon right over him, his fishing pole in his hands, with great a big smile on his face. Also good music playing the background

As always, dream big! Remember to tell those you love that you love them.

Sorianna <3

Monday, August 29, 2011

How to make 80s style earrings!

I have been diligently working on my entries for the "Play with Clay,"contest on Instructables. This is my first entry and a pretty simple project that can lead the way to many other projects. I plan on finishing my second entry this week. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the mask, its just on hold for a few days.

I got the inspiration for these earrings from watching 80s music videos on Youtube. Also Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" music video. She wore these fabulous orange and yellow triangle earrings. Then there's "Jem!" and her fantastic star burst shape earrings.

To learn how to make these go here for my Tutorial!

More to come!!!

Dream Big!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Clock and Flowers

All right, sorry there wasn't a post last week! I was very busy babysitting. However I do finally have a sneak peak of part of my time piece mask. Here's view of the clock, when its ticks, it is amazing. I feel like my piece has come alive. I also added few more goodies to the actual mask, this one is left eye oriented. I finished tatting some lace for the edging yesterday. It looks close to my original concept sketch. I'm very pleased. I took some photos of how it looks currently but they all came out pretty blurry. I'll try tomorrow for a better shots of my work in progress.

On another happy note, Instructables is hosting a "Play with Clay" Contest. I play putting my next "How to" in the contest! It'll be fun,
its inspired by something I saw in music video recently! I did start a floral bib necklace, I sculpted my flowers from Fimo polymer clay, it looks really nice. In the piece I included my first orchid and hibiscus. I added glass beads and copper wire. I hope to be finished with both projects this week so I can work on Project Candy necklace and start next mask.I will try new piece listed in my Etsy shop too. I hope everyone has been well, I hope to have more updates this week take care.

Dream Big!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Slowly Steaming Ahead

This week I worked mainly on my mask base. This is the blank I sculpted from Fimo polymer clay. After I baked it I sanded it with my Dremel. It will probably be sanded once more by hand and then detailed some more before I start painting it. There is something highly addicting about details of putting one of these together. I always end up coming up with an ide
a for another one. This one is really special, I am seeing to every detail on different level than the way I previously perceived the entire process. Amazing how much you learn when you take time off.

I'm also going to take some of that to my prior creations. Taking time off from one type of project to work on another usually helps me come back with new approaches and fresh ideas. I happen to enjoy working outside of my box and even making new boxes. Halloween is around the corner and I have work to do! My new Necklace design came out really elegant I have few designs flaws to work out But it still looks really elegant I'll have photo up soon I am working on my next How to project. I'll continue to steam ahead on the steam punk mask. I've been accident free for 5 days now*Knock on wood*!

Till next time!

Dream Big!

Soriaana <3

Thursday, August 4, 2011

She Wore A Blue Ribbon

Well its seems in my absence I've become a tad accident prone. That's putting it lightly. I fell last week and braced the impact with my right hand and today I stepped on shard of glass, with my left foot. All while trying to find something for my mask out in the garage.

Since I haven't cut myself severelyuntil now I never asked where the bandages are kept or unpacked my first aid kit. I tend keep one with my crafting supplies, you never when your going injure yourself, especially when crafting. In a pinch some ribbon and tissue worked as makeshift bandage. This will at least hold till later when I can ask someone where the bandages are kept or go get some.

Now to return to business as normal. I'm still in search of a small clock movement for my mask. Most of the ones I've come across are quite large. Since I started babysitting my young niece I've been watching alot of Disney movies, I was inspired the other day by "Fantasia." I happened to make this little guy ,a dancing mushroom charm, this is my first attempt I think he's

I plan on sculpting the rest of the little mushroom dancers and possibly making a charm bracelet. I've been working on my Plumeria sculptures as well and they have improved greatly Making a new Necklace today with a lovely design in mind. I want to combine, pearls, sculpture and ribbon.
So much to do!

Until Next Time!

Dream Big!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catch up!

So as many of you know my lovely sister moved back to the Land of Sunshine. I've been busy helping her set up house and what not. Its been so much fun and very busy I'm not even close to being done yet. The small hours of the morning did allow for some crafting it was nice. I got some new earrings done and began work on a large tatting project.

Mask work will begin once I have a lighter and more manageable schedule. I've very excited to be making new masks though.
I'm kinda on a timeline so next month will be very busy. But its very exciting none the less. I had to leave thee tatting out of Raven's Kiss I couldn't get logistics on it to look like I wanted. I traded tatting for chains and beads. Well I'm tired and gong to go relax! Take care everyone!

Dream Big!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drawing on Inspiration

Sometimes I am asked where do you get your ideas, how do you come up with your projects? I draw on so many sources of inspiration, fantasy art, books, nature, history. Even hardware can be inspiring. Its almost funny the things I can find inspiring.

This Sketch is something I doodled while studying the great Frank Frazetta ,who is one of my favorite fantasy artists of all time. The movie "Fire and Ice" had huge influence on the sketch. There so many things I find inspiring its sometimes hard to keep up with my own personal goals.

One time I was sitting at the table telling my mother "I'll never get to do it all, I have some many things I want to do. I just won't be able to get to everything". My mother as wonderful as she is looked at me and said "You can do whatever you want." As simple as that she created a monster who lives, breathes, and dreams creativity. So Whatever inspires you grab it both hands and dream big.

Keep Dreaming

A Dragon's Horde : Vesperion

This painting is acrylic on 12x12 canvas, I did this piece because I happen to love dragons. He came out a little bit on the cartoon side though. I rather like the idea of a dragon and his treasure horde. I was inspired by my friend's brilliant post on Dragon Awareness. It was humorous and enlightening on the epidemic of dragon attacks and how they effect our lives. If only dragons existed. This is my Dragon Vesperion watching over his horde. I'm still happy I made this piece.

Another piece of art I made that was inpired by dragons is the Dragon's Heat Stone Cuff Bracelet, a one of a kind piece inspired by Robin Mckinly's "Hero and the Crown." I read this book when I was very young but it enchanted me nonetheless. In the book it was said that the last drop of blood from a dragon's heart created a powerful stone that was neither good nor evil it just was. That was something I thought about when I made the piece. I'm still currently at work on tatting that dragon and not messing him up this time!!!!

Dream Big!!


Beautiful Bows

I found our awhile back how to make really cute clay bows and they make even cuter rings. I think polka dots on black look just as darling. I made these for fun but since learning how to make a bow I've used it in countless projects. I've also come across another cool clay technique using acrylic paint and liquid clay. I have yet to try it but the effect should pretty interesting.

Something I'd like to try for the steam punk project. Also as for the bows I'll be adding another one to Project Candy. After some intense research I am defiantly going to try leather carving and leather mask making. I've always wanted to work with leather. Also working leather will help with my mempo piece. The week looks pretty busy with moving my sister in hope to get back to everyone soon.

Dream Big!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mask Concept!

Finally, ready to show off my concept sketch for my Steam punk mask. Usually I just make my masks with out giving single hint as what I'm up to. I am planning making this one of my half masks. I'll need to start ordering cogs, gears, Roman numerals and ostrich feathers. I'm so excited about making this piece, I'm on the fence about adding a working music box to the front as well or using that on another mask.

The color scheme will be in jewel tones and with blacks and gold. I all ready have an idea fo my Silent Auction piece, I'm thinking in the realm of a Wine Goddess. something similar to Harvest Goddess mask but so much more ravishing and luxuriant. I really love the thrill of being inspired. Its like tapping into something truly magical.

I did sleep better last night, Today was nice I spent it with my Sketchbook drawing, Its been such long time since I've touched my colored pencils and inks. I had a great training session with my puppy Today, he was pretty good today. A huge Storm blew in over my house, made m think of Winnie the Pooh and Hot tea. I'll be a bit in out next two weeks I'm helping my sister move in. We'll have get things set up house for me to be able to post. I'll try to get some Twitter and Facebook posts in and some pictures hopefully.

Take Care


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double Stitches

I'll admit it today was fairly unproductive. I managed to try a new tatting technique and start half of the anklet but, last night I slept terribly. I did take a short walk outside but it just wasn't enough. I am however quite pleased with new design I attempted and progress of the anklet. I'll be making a second version of piece I made today with cleaner looking stitches. It ended up smaller than I wanted due to me having to cut and remove some of my work. My dragon's body is a little further along by now as well.

As for the anklet I was asked to make something beaded and small the pattern is rather simple for my first attempt I left the ends long so it could be tied on, In more exciting news I've my gotten my hands on some a paracord for making a survival bracelet and bullwhip. I found those projects on Instructables. I started my project for Handmade Christmas this year. My attempt is to hand make all my gifts It will be tedious time consuming but all much more worth it.

I've decided on two pieces for Silent Church auction in Biloxi, I want to work on. One being piece similar to my La Vie en Rose necklace and second a mask. I'm a making list of materials so I can start on my Steam punk mask. I also have project for making a Mempo, I need to work the details of that. Project Candy is on Hold this week, I'll resume next week with lace and necklace piece. That's all for today tonight I hope to catch some proverbial Z's.

Hearts and Stars


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freshly Picked Summer Strawberries

Yay what a productive day!!! Finally finished and published my how to on make String Art Earrings. Here are my strawberry earrings! I loved how these came out I think capture summer well. I used mix of silver and crystal beads to add as charms around my sculpted strawberries.

Tatting so far on Raven's kiss has pain and very tedious I've cut my work completely off four times and start over by now. I'll get these earrings completed tomorrow I hope! In further news I
completed "La Vie En Rose" now to make gift box for ti and ship it on its merry way, I am glad it came out so nicely I'll be making another one for my shop. Aside from tackling Raven's Kiss and Project Candy my next piece in tatting will be an anklet. Shouldn't be too hard.

See ya Soon


How to Make String Art Earrings

Its finally complete! if you have questions feel free to comment or leave message on my fanpage.

How to Make String Art Earrings

Project Materials and Tools

Pliers Roundtip and Clippers
Bamboo Skewer or Coiling Tool
12 gauge wire
26 gauge wire
1-2 colors Embroidery Floss
Ear wires

Step One : Cut atwo five to six inch pieces of 12 gauge wire and form into a tear drop , with one side longer than then other.
Step Two: Take your bamboo skewer or coiling tool and coil about 1-2 foot of 26 gauge wire. repeat this step for the other earring.

Step Three: Remove the coil from the skewer and open it by pulling apart from itself some. Take the open the coil and insert the the end of the teardrop frame. Slide your coil around the frame and clip off leaving enough to wrapping to close it off.
Step Four: Bend the short of the Tear drop for the top into loop and wrap the longer piece around the bottom of the bent loop and clip off the excess. Also the pieces of coil at the can now be wrapped around the base to secure them.

Step Five: Separate one strand from your embroidery floss it will need to be long, the one with little bit of satin finish or sateen look the best for this project. Tie it the top of your tear drop then bring the string down to the middle coil you could count the coils or eyeball it.fromthe middle move back forth looping the top coils, this should start to cover the top part. of your earring. Once you are halfway down on both sides bring the string back to the top and tie off, leave the tail until your finished.
** If using only one color thread move in a circular pattern until the whole piece is covered.

Step Six :Take the second color thread a the top one again go back down the middle. This time loopthe thread around coil next to where your over strung part leaves off. Repeat until both sides are covered. Then take all tail threads and tie them off at the top clip them our wrap around your base.

Step Seven: Add Ear wires to the top and you are finished, you can also embellish with beads so on so forth.

This Tutorial is For personal use only, Enjoy!