Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drawing on Inspiration

Sometimes I am asked where do you get your ideas, how do you come up with your projects? I draw on so many sources of inspiration, fantasy art, books, nature, history. Even hardware can be inspiring. Its almost funny the things I can find inspiring.

This Sketch is something I doodled while studying the great Frank Frazetta ,who is one of my favorite fantasy artists of all time. The movie "Fire and Ice" had huge influence on the sketch. There so many things I find inspiring its sometimes hard to keep up with my own personal goals.

One time I was sitting at the table telling my mother "I'll never get to do it all, I have some many things I want to do. I just won't be able to get to everything". My mother as wonderful as she is looked at me and said "You can do whatever you want." As simple as that she created a monster who lives, breathes, and dreams creativity. So Whatever inspires you grab it both hands and dream big.

Keep Dreaming

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