Thursday, July 21, 2011

Catch up!

So as many of you know my lovely sister moved back to the Land of Sunshine. I've been busy helping her set up house and what not. Its been so much fun and very busy I'm not even close to being done yet. The small hours of the morning did allow for some crafting it was nice. I got some new earrings done and began work on a large tatting project.

Mask work will begin once I have a lighter and more manageable schedule. I've very excited to be making new masks though.
I'm kinda on a timeline so next month will be very busy. But its very exciting none the less. I had to leave thee tatting out of Raven's Kiss I couldn't get logistics on it to look like I wanted. I traded tatting for chains and beads. Well I'm tired and gong to go relax! Take care everyone!

Dream Big!


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