Thursday, August 4, 2011

She Wore A Blue Ribbon

Well its seems in my absence I've become a tad accident prone. That's putting it lightly. I fell last week and braced the impact with my right hand and today I stepped on shard of glass, with my left foot. All while trying to find something for my mask out in the garage.

Since I haven't cut myself severelyuntil now I never asked where the bandages are kept or unpacked my first aid kit. I tend keep one with my crafting supplies, you never when your going injure yourself, especially when crafting. In a pinch some ribbon and tissue worked as makeshift bandage. This will at least hold till later when I can ask someone where the bandages are kept or go get some.

Now to return to business as normal. I'm still in search of a small clock movement for my mask. Most of the ones I've come across are quite large. Since I started babysitting my young niece I've been watching alot of Disney movies, I was inspired the other day by "Fantasia." I happened to make this little guy ,a dancing mushroom charm, this is my first attempt I think he's

I plan on sculpting the rest of the little mushroom dancers and possibly making a charm bracelet. I've been working on my Plumeria sculptures as well and they have improved greatly Making a new Necklace today with a lovely design in mind. I want to combine, pearls, sculpture and ribbon.
So much to do!

Until Next Time!

Dream Big!


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