Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Slowly Steaming Ahead

This week I worked mainly on my mask base. This is the blank I sculpted from Fimo polymer clay. After I baked it I sanded it with my Dremel. It will probably be sanded once more by hand and then detailed some more before I start painting it. There is something highly addicting about details of putting one of these together. I always end up coming up with an ide
a for another one. This one is really special, I am seeing to every detail on different level than the way I previously perceived the entire process. Amazing how much you learn when you take time off.

I'm also going to take some of that to my prior creations. Taking time off from one type of project to work on another usually helps me come back with new approaches and fresh ideas. I happen to enjoy working outside of my box and even making new boxes. Halloween is around the corner and I have work to do! My new Necklace design came out really elegant I have few designs flaws to work out But it still looks really elegant I'll have photo up soon I am working on my next How to project. I'll continue to steam ahead on the steam punk mask. I've been accident free for 5 days now*Knock on wood*!

Till next time!

Dream Big!

Soriaana <3

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