Monday, August 22, 2011

A Clock and Flowers

All right, sorry there wasn't a post last week! I was very busy babysitting. However I do finally have a sneak peak of part of my time piece mask. Here's view of the clock, when its ticks, it is amazing. I feel like my piece has come alive. I also added few more goodies to the actual mask, this one is left eye oriented. I finished tatting some lace for the edging yesterday. It looks close to my original concept sketch. I'm very pleased. I took some photos of how it looks currently but they all came out pretty blurry. I'll try tomorrow for a better shots of my work in progress.

On another happy note, Instructables is hosting a "Play with Clay" Contest. I play putting my next "How to" in the contest! It'll be fun,
its inspired by something I saw in music video recently! I did start a floral bib necklace, I sculpted my flowers from Fimo polymer clay, it looks really nice. In the piece I included my first orchid and hibiscus. I added glass beads and copper wire. I hope to be finished with both projects this week so I can work on Project Candy necklace and start next mask.I will try new piece listed in my Etsy shop too. I hope everyone has been well, I hope to have more updates this week take care.

Dream Big!


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