Behind the Mask : About the Artist

Behind the Mask : Sorianna Choate

Where do we begin...

I've been into art, since I was young, learning to draw and paint first. Art is my outlet. My family loves and supports my creative antics. I attended Florida State College at Jacksonville soaking up Art History and the Humanities. I started sculpting in college when a friend of mine introduced me to polymer clay. It was magical moment in my life. Until Sculpting I had mostly focused on jewelry design. Now I dabble in a bit of everything. Life is my canvas. I am also married to a wonderful man, we together for now raise our puppy Tor.

Driven by sight...

What exactly does that mean, I am by legal standards Blind. I am disabled and it's not something I let stop me. I have been living with my disease Retinitis Pigmentosa my whole life.I want to create and experience as much as possible.   I want to share my creations with the world.What I see from my eyes are endless possibilities. I am thankful that it is a slow moving disease and in time perhaps they may find a cure. I am mostly thankful I can see today.

A Tattered Canvas...

My idea when I came up with the name was that there was a girl sitting in front of a broken canvas and she was still painting on it regardless. That my creations can be made from anything and take me anywhere. I love bright vibrant colors. I draw on inspiration from many places.The pieces I sell in my Etsy shop are not just jewelry, but are miniature works of art.  Masks I sculpt are pieces to be worn, displayed and loved!

My pieces will be ever changing  like the water, So please stop by often.

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