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How to make String Art Earrings

Fairy Dust Bath Salts And Earring Tatting Pattern

How to make 80s Style Earrings - Featured Instructable

How to make a Glamorous Plumeria Choker

Amigurumi Pattern :Little Cinderella Pumpkin

How to make Satin Embroidery Floss  Wrapped Bangles

How to make Little Devil Cake Pops

How to make a Dreamcatcher from a Bangle

DIY: Feather Ear Cuff

How to make a Valentine's Gift Box   - Featured Instructable

Yummy Gummies

Dress It Up, Shoe Clips - Featured Instructable

DiY: Stamped Valentine Necklace  - Featured Instructable

DIY: Personalized Bracelet with Needle Tatting Featured Instructable Runner up in Jewelry Challenge

DIY: Lucky Star Garland- Featured Instructable

DIY:Let's Make a Fairy Wand! Featured Instructable

DIY: Decoupage a Bangle Featured Instructable

DIY: Sunshine A Needle Tatting Pattern Featured Instructable


  1. What does Cl mean on your awareness charm pattern? I'm new to needle tatting. Lisa