Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Box

Finally after what felt like the longest week ever in photo editing and writing my new project is complete. I came up the gift box by using a tutorial on making an exploding box. Exploding boxes are photo albums contained in a box. The paper bow is not my original design, but I really like making them. I am not sure who came up with style of bow. To make the box click the link below:

This box is a featured project on Instructables

Valentine's Day Gift Box

I am currently working to complete several projects and possibly some Day of the Dead inspired pieces. These earrings were inspired to by my cousin Heather Ozee. After making them  many ideas popped in my head as well some Heather planted, which I am hoping will grow in to beautifully made pieces.

I'm working on some new charms as well that are inspired from Doctor Who, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I'm hoping to have new items listed in my shop as well soon. Today was also a good day I went to the park with my niece, sister and her boyfriend. It was nice to be out and afterwards we got some tasty frozen yogurt.

Well That'd about it of the moment I'll be back with more surprises soon. Also the Valentine's contest will soon be announced.

Keeping Dream, Crafting and Creating.


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