Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Butterflies for Cosplay

I love getting requests for pieces to be made, December was defiantly was a month for special orders. My friend Candace made a request for butterflies. She is an avid Cosplayer and talented artist. The butterflies are hair accessories for Cosplay.

The butterflies I made are sculpted from Fimo polymer clay. The wings are translucent. It took me a few tries to find a method that worked. My first idea was based loosely on making the pieces fit together.

The problem with that is it left tiny holes between the areas of each wing. Leaving the wings to look rather messy. After that and some tedious tinkering I came up with these butterflies. The character she is cosplaying is Sena Kashiwazaki from "Boku wa Tomodachi gi Sukunai." Which is a Japanese Light Novel series, manga and anime.

I really enjoyed making these, the experience was great and I now have something new I would add to a mask or possibly a much larger fascinator.

Now for some tiny updates for the moment, I am suffering from a thumb sprain. I injured myself with too much art. I am still taking custom orders this month. turn around time is slightly longer than normal. I am very happy about the new year. I am working on some Maori inspired pieces this month. Once I heal up needle tatting and crochet.

As promised here is a photo of the Project Candy. The necklace features glass pearls, cherry quartz, crystals, sculpted cupcakes and charms.

I will be also updating on Skyrim inspired hat I spent most of last month working on. I have a spectacular Artist lined up for this month's Canvas Chat, the wonderfully talented Heather Ozee. As well as few more of those fantastic December projects and a project close to my heart.

Till next time, keep dreaming big!!!



  1. weird request but could you do a tutorial on how to make these?

  2. I'll consider making one. I have a few other projects currently in process of being published.