Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sequins and Bows

Very recently, I stopped by the I occasionally peruse the craft section for projects see to what's new. I like taking bits of projects and learning new skills or techniques.

I came across a project for sequin covered wooden beads [here]. This project I wanted to try immediately. I found the strung sequins for a dollar and I all ready had other jewelry making supplies for these earrings.

The process is fairly simple though I will advise its best to work slowly. Its prevents glue from going everywhere and allows the time for you properly place the sequins. Learning this nifty little technique, has given me  plenty of new ideas for other sparkly endeavors.  Necklaces, bracelets and of course masks. Speaking of masks I really need to finish one.

Another technique I found  was a very quick and easy way to make small bow using a fork[here]. I found it first on Pinterest, as just a single photo based "how to". I find sometimes I need things clearly explained . I enjoyed making the tiny bow for this necklace. Its the first of my mini bottle charm necklaces.

I absolutely adore Alice In Wonderland, so I whipped up some of Alice's Shrinking Potion. I found a key and few other Wonderland inspired items. The bottle reads "Drink Me"   This necklace will be going in my shop soon. I've been very busy taking lot's of photos of all pieces current and old. I think its time for an update.

My thumb is doing better I still utterly hate my brace. I am tired of wearing it. I would like to want to dye it blue and cover it in glitter. I working on finishing the fascinator tutorial and a gift wrapping project for Valentine's Day. I am also going to be working on some Geekery projects. I am still trying to needle tat snowflakes I think I currently have a lack of patience. Here's to having a productive day.

Keep Dreaming Big!!


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