Friday, January 6, 2012

Something Personal...

My Grandfather, last year in December was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. I made this necklace as way to express my hope. Often times when my feelings are confused or just all over the place I turn to art. It helps fill a void where words often cannot.

I'm very sad about my Grandfather and hopeful at the same time.  It feels so unfair, but in the end all I can do is be present and love him everyday. I spent Christmas day with him, it was wonderful. I have so many wonderful memories of my Grandfather I treasure each one like gold. My father told us as children he never really got the chance to know his grandparents. I am thankful for him keeping them in my life.

One of my favorite memories is from when he came to my wedding to walk me down the aisle. I wasn't sure he'd be there until I turned the corner and there he was. He made me laugh every inch of the way to alter and made my day so much brighter.

That's just one of my favorite memories of my Grandfather. I thought I would just share something personal. The necklace above I made with fimo clay, pearl mica, white satin ribbon, glass bead with an a/b finish and chain. The clay ribbon is the color from Lung Cancer Awareness.

The necklace was inspired by my friend Heather's tattoo. Heather, got a tattoo for Christmas in memory of her Grandmother Janice who passed away from fighting brain cancer.

My Grandfather is a strong man, he is beginning a journey. I will be thinking of him, praying and hoping for him everyday.



  1. That's a beautiful necklace, and even more beautiful sentiment. I'm here for you during this tough journey. Enjoy every moment you can.

  2. Thank you Angela. I will defiantly try to.