Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love and Memories

Well  is Valentine's Day coming around the corner. Stores have aisles  packed with teddy bears and chocolates. Roses can be seen everywhere. Its a plethora of pink, red,  and white everywhere. Time for me to be sneaky too. I always try to get little happy for my mom and sister like a chocolate bar or something handmade. Its fun to surprise the ones you love with handmade gifts. I also always enjoy spending the day with my husband.

Our first Valentine's Day after we got married  he told me I could finally get a dog. After few weeks of searching we welcomed Tor into the family.The second one we went out for dinner he surprised me flowers and chocolates. I might just try surprise him this year. I sent love note to hopefully be published in Folio Weekly here. I'll have to put my thinking cap on.

In the photo is my newest creation,a large clay heart with roses in honor of the Holiday.Its set with glass hearts and silver chain and a toggle.
I am really happy with how this came out. I should have this listed in the shop this week.

I also love how versatile the piece is as a medium for ideas and each heart can be made to order.Meanwhile I am in search of coordinating pieces to make my Navi necklace and Liquid Luck necklace. Also waiting on supplies for glass bottles I ordered, I have few more creative ideas.

I had the pleasure recently of accepting a special commission from a friend.My necklace "Grandpa's Hope," which was inspired by my Friend Hannah's Tattoo, came full circle. Hannah asked for one to be made in silver, in memory of her Grandmother. So I took to my supplies and got to work. The fork bow technique helped me make a very pretty bow. It took some ingenuity to make something fork like to construct a larger bow[I need to start looking for large forks for crafting]. I figured it out with some bamboo skewers and an orange.  I think sometimes artists, are 1 part engineer or McGyver.

This commission was a pleasure to make. I'm off to finish publishing my new How to project! Its Valentine's Day inspired. Be on the look out for this month's giveaway. Also if you follow me on Facebook I showed my first Doctor Who inspired piece, there will be more to come on the Doctor/

Happy Crafting and Dream Big.


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