Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY: Feather Ear Cuff

Happy Last Friday of 2011! Well I am defiantly ready to usher in the New Year!  Let's play some catch up first, for the month of December. I've been rather M.I.A, with good reason. I spent most of the month hidden away in my workshop working on a large selection of custom orders. The most interesting of which was a hat inspired by Elder Scrolls : Skyrim, video game. I'll be posting about the project next week, but if you would like a sneak peak, you can go here.

I also did some Christmas travelling to my hometown in Mississippi and spent Christmas with my family it was a fantastic trip and I had an amazing time. I caught up with winner of the Monday Mustache giveaway Snapped a Fabulous photo of her. I finished project Candy for Candace! So many  Projects, it was great to be busy.

I'll have a post later today highlighting all the amazing projects I did this month. For now enjoy this fun new DIY, project!!!!!

DIY: Feather Ear Cuff

Dream Big

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Canvas Chat: Meet the Artist, Shanice Bevans

Cosplay as Ezio Auditore, costume
Made by Shanice Bevans 

I thought I would start interviewing some of my fellow artists here at the Canvas, its a great way to learn more about what others are doing. How they are inspired and just a brief glance into another's mind.

So without further adieu, Here's my interview with the multi-talented Shanice Bevans. She plays guitar, cooks, sews, draws and paints, those are a tiny view into a very talented Artist:

The First Canvas Chat with Artist Shanice Bevans

Tell us about where you are from and how you got started?

I’m currently from Palmdale, Ca, originally from Los Angeles. I started with art in my younger years with basic supplies and having time to draw when I had any chance I got.

Monday, December 12, 2011

And the winner is!

Congratulations to Lillian for winning the Monday Mustache! I'll be in contact with  you so that I can send you, your lovely stache! Thank you to all who who participated. I hope you guys comeback for next giveaway here at the Tattered Canvas. In other exciting news I've been handling several fantastic custom orders recently. Its  so much fun I've been receiving many interesting requests. I'm keeping this post short however, this little elf needs some sleep! I'll have more posted tomorrow as well as the exciting conclusion to Project Candy. ~Sorianna

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Make a Dreamcatcher from a Bangle

This week's Tutorial. spins off from my last project. How to make Satin Embroidery Floss Wrapped Bangles found here. I love Dreamcatchers they are beautiful.

This not a traditional Dreamcatcher. Those are made from Willow. If you'd like to learn more about Traditional Dreamcatcher go here.

To make this Dreamcatcher:

How to Make a Dreamcatcher from a Bangle

Now for some updates! I've been rather busy in my workshop as of late. I've been playing with wire I made new design for my Etsy. I've added several new pieces to my shop as well.  The bracelet came out better than I could expected. I enjoyed making this I can't wait to make more.

I got a very interesting commission from my friend and fellow artist Candace Kapana. She loves to cosplay and asked me to make a translucent Butterfly hair clip. So of course I plunged Head long into the depths of the Challenge in front of me.

Here is a picture of Mock up I made. I figured out a better technique in middle of making this, but that's why I made a practice one. The wine bottle in the picture is from my Wedding. My Step Father-in-law and Mother-in -law made wine for my wedding and surprised me with custom labels.

That's all for now! don't forget to enter the Mustache Monday Giveaway! It ends Friday.

Dream Big and Take Care

Monday, December 5, 2011

Mustache Monday Giveaway

Its time for The Canvas' First Give away!!!! What better to giveaway on this Monday. The first Monday after Movember is Mustache Monday. 

The prize!!!

A Wonderful Chocolate Brown Polymer Clay Mustache Necklace! 

How to enter:

Simply leave a comment below and leave your name Too!

Dates : December 5, 2011 to December 9, 2011 
Contest is Now Closed
Winner will be chosen at Random! Using And announced on
Monday December 12. 2011
So make sure to check iback on Monday!

Rules: Participants must be in the U.S. You may only enter once.

<3 Sorianna!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pinterest and Createability

I am now on Pinterest! I really like this website so far. I have a few boards made all ready. Its also a great way to keep inspired and take notes on things I find online. The very neat part is I can share what inspires me with others, you can follow me comment on things that I have pinned or even get inspired yourself. To follow me you use the Pinterest icon on the Follow me menu.

I also joined an amazing team on Etsy, Createability. Its team centered around artisans who either have disability or care for love one with disability. From the Etsy Team Page:
"A water dance" Ink Drawing By Sorianna Choate

"Our mission is to form partnerships for building our businesses, support each other , and encourage growth qithin the Etsy and artist community.We choose to take back control of the terms used around our various conditions, and hope to bring knowledge and awareness to those around us."

The team is amazing, so many talented artists, who work together and support each other. I have a Pinterest board for the team where I will be adding members shop listings.

Creatability Team Board.

I've been working to make some changes to blog as well, I've added a section about myself and an index of all my tutorials is now listed listed. I have many new and exciting things planned  and some  new sculpting  techniques as well, hair sticks, stick bun accessory, many more exciting projects. Also its Christmas time I am making a lot of presents this year. Handmade gifts are the best!!!I am about 4  and quarter rows done from finishing my sister's crocheted hat. Its a nice satiny hot pink shade.That's all for now!

For more on Createability:

Createability Team Etsy Page

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