Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gator Tatting and New Mask Design

So I did some practice pieces just playing around with different techniques. I made a split ring and then used basic clover. These came out great I added an extra picot on one side but other wise I'm fairly pleased. I'm going to try sculpt roses with flatbacks I'd like to make one for a necklace pendant. The colors are the Florida Gators team colors, my sister had suggested making some she could wear them.

Today was a really good day, I managed to get a lot accomplished, I got in a really good workout and mowed the backyard. I also spent some time slaying the laundry dragon. I finally have a new mask design I've been wanting to play with Steampunk for awhile now. I want to use gold and black and possibly burgundy theme similar to my Bordeaux et Rose Niore Masque. I plan doing s sketch tomorrow of my idea and seeing how I want to do this one before I start making blank mask with clay. I really want to incorporate some tatting into the piece. I'm very excited about making a new mask, i haven't made in about 6 months. Project Candy is coming along will I'll have some photos of those ready soon. It feels great to feel inspired to create. I'll working on interviewing some of the talented Artists I know. I'll leave you with a Quote from my friend today on my Fanpage:

"You've tainted me. Now I feel incomplete when I don't craft at least part of my day."- Jason K.


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