Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sculpted Plumeria Hair Clips

Today was nice it rained some outside, which gave me nice break from watering my garden. They do much better after a good rain. My steam punk mask sketch is coming along really well. I'm going to start looking for cogs and other pieces to attach, a working watch face would be interesting concept to add as well.

Project Candy Update, I figured out a unique tatting pattern for a nice statement ring. I'll need to sculpt more roses for the ring. The earrings are almost completed. I'm attaching swarovski crystals to them and really making them sparkle. Also adding glass glaze to the as nice finish as well.

I started working on my Plumeria sculptures, again these came out far better than my first attempts. I used white Fimo Clay and some chalk pastel shavings to get the yellow orange
coloring just right. I attached them to flat back bobby pins. I'll be making a few more of these to put in list in my Etsy shop soon. Also this rose is from a set of two hair clips I was commissioned to make they came out really well. The Client was really happy with them. Hair accessories will be a nice new addition. Well that's all for now!

See ya soon.


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