Thursday, July 14, 2011

Double Stitches

I'll admit it today was fairly unproductive. I managed to try a new tatting technique and start half of the anklet but, last night I slept terribly. I did take a short walk outside but it just wasn't enough. I am however quite pleased with new design I attempted and progress of the anklet. I'll be making a second version of piece I made today with cleaner looking stitches. It ended up smaller than I wanted due to me having to cut and remove some of my work. My dragon's body is a little further along by now as well.

As for the anklet I was asked to make something beaded and small the pattern is rather simple for my first attempt I left the ends long so it could be tied on, In more exciting news I've my gotten my hands on some a paracord for making a survival bracelet and bullwhip. I found those projects on Instructables. I started my project for Handmade Christmas this year. My attempt is to hand make all my gifts It will be tedious time consuming but all much more worth it.

I've decided on two pieces for Silent Church auction in Biloxi, I want to work on. One being piece similar to my La Vie en Rose necklace and second a mask. I'm a making list of materials so I can start on my Steam punk mask. I also have project for making a Mempo, I need to work the details of that. Project Candy is on Hold this week, I'll resume next week with lace and necklace piece. That's all for today tonight I hope to catch some proverbial Z's.

Hearts and Stars


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