Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Works in Progress

I finished the "La vie en Rose" pendant, today. Seven roses, didn't take as long as I thought it was going to. Now to finish it. I'll admit this one is not for Etsy or myself. Its present for someone. But mum is the word! I feel like my projects have started becoming tedious types that require work and planning and can not be done in mere few hours a piece. That's good think its quality in piece of art not quantity. The Project Candy lace and rose earrings have been started and along with necklace concept.

There is so much to do, however I don't mind it at all. working on my passion is what drives me to it. There's just so much I want to accomplish. I think if people got to peek into my creative epicenter it would look like the Mad Hatter's Tea party in an aquarium. My Raven's Kiss earrings are getting closer to being completed the next step will be needle tatting and bead work. String art Tut is just about done I figure I'll be adding it here and on Instructables. The hardest part has been getting good clean photos when its only me working the camera. I could use a third arm . That completes it for today.

See ya soon

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