Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project Candy and Tackling A New Pattern.

Today was a good productive day I finally got my box of feather supplies organized and under control. I also stated sculpted some cupcakes and bows for Project Candy. One of her favorite colors is pink these are first set of cupcakes I've made they have not been glazed yet. I plan making few more designs and tatting some lace work. I decided to start with earrings first. I'm working on putting together another simple small motif pattern for them.

Other things I worked on during the day today were tackling Totusmel's scarf pattern. Its not difficult pattern its just time consuming I really want to come out nice looking. I first attempted this sock yarn it well was pretty rough looking. I found some Patons Silk Bamboo the color is
is called Orchid. I really like this yarn so far its nice and satiny. That's all for today I'll have more on Project Candy tomorrow. I am hoping to put a how to craft project together. Till next time
Happy Crafting.


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