Saturday, July 2, 2011

You can Follow me now!

I launched a Facebook Page today and a Twitter account! I'd like to thank all those who are supporting me, its just amazing, thank you so much. Today was a nice day, I got some tatting done and made a tiny pattern for tatted Earrings. They are very cute so far I'll have a photo of them soon. My Fairy bottle earrings are close to being finished, I sculpted some miniature roses for them. Ran to Michael's with my Step mother in law, bought more supplies for more crafting mayhem.

Here's how to follow me:

Twitter : #TatteredCanvas

I hope everyone is enjoying there Holiday weekend! I'll have my simple tatting pattern, and my Fairy bottle Earrings in my next post! Have fun following my crafting antics.

Happy Crafting!


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