Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freshly Picked Summer Strawberries

Yay what a productive day!!! Finally finished and published my how to on make String Art Earrings. Here are my strawberry earrings! I loved how these came out I think capture summer well. I used mix of silver and crystal beads to add as charms around my sculpted strawberries.

Tatting so far on Raven's kiss has pain and very tedious I've cut my work completely off four times and start over by now. I'll get these earrings completed tomorrow I hope! In further news I
completed "La Vie En Rose" now to make gift box for ti and ship it on its merry way, I am glad it came out so nicely I'll be making another one for my shop. Aside from tackling Raven's Kiss and Project Candy my next piece in tatting will be an anklet. Shouldn't be too hard.

See ya Soon


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