Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching Dreams

I made these Dream catcher earrings during my creative hiatus. I had never thought of wearing dream catcher as an earring. I have however always loved how beautiful they look. I used emerald thread and pheasant feathers with leftover Swarovski Crystals, from a previous project. These are now one of my favorite pairs to wear.

Today is the Forth of July I hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday. I have been so far, I had beakfast with my husband and my puppy has decided to be super sweet today. For those of you who don't know I own a Lab mix named Tor, I call him Tornado. I got him a year from shelter and he's one of the loves in my life. I did manage to get amazing photos today, its always better to catch the sunlight. My
Fairy Dust Bottles and and some small rose sculpture earrings are listed on Etsy.

I mentioned yesterday Project Candy, I am going to work on making some Sweet Lolita style Jewelry in Honor of my friend Candace. She is a wonderful artist and quite talented
I am hoping to make these as statement pieces and have them reflect some of her personality as well. If you would like know more about Candy you can check her out here at Deviant Art.

Current projects for the moment are tatting all two million stitches in this scarf pattern by Totusmel. Working on first Tutorial for sculpting my roses. Many many many more wondrous things. Tomorrow will be Featuring the Start of Project Candy! Till next time Happy Crafting!


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