Monday, July 11, 2011

La vie en Rose

There's a wonderful song by Louis Armstrong, called "La vie en Rose." It was part of my inspiration for the start of the week. I love the beauty of a Rose. I do also love Gardenias, Snapdragons, Sweetpeas and so many other flowers. Not much covers the elegance of a rose. I mixed up a burgundy hue from clay and got started on a focal for a necklace. It will possibly consist of seven burgundy roses. I also started on piece I am calling Raven's Kiss. Its a pair earrings combining wire wrapping, sculpting,
bead work, and needle tatting.

I really like how these are coming along. They work towards part of my idea for my steam punk mask. Nothing like getting some inspiration from one project and being able to use it on another project. I finally completed a set of Project Candy earrings. They came out really well. I finally restarted tatting my dragon. I printed the directions out and decided to work on this when I am fully concision this time. I'd really like to slay this dragon.

My fishing trip was a bust, yesterday. I had fun though, got some really good strikes, though. Better luck next time I suppose. Today was nice I got in good solid sculpting and time work on my sketch, Also got some supplies organized and more work on my String Art Tutorial. I have few more photos to take then to complete instructions that are easy to understand. Other than today has been pretty productive I plan on getting a work out in tonight.

See ya Soon!


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