Friday, July 1, 2011

Needles and Yarn : An Artist's Trip into the Tatting World

It all began as I sat at my desk skimming my news feed on Facebook, Craftovision, made post about Totusmel's Barefoot Sandals pattern. I was so intrigued I clicked the link and went down the rabbit hole. Suddenly I found myself upside down. Words and names likes rings and Josephine chains and amazing images of her work. I was awestruck. Thus began my needle tatting journey.

I started by finding tools, Tatting needles were indeed tricky to find. Then there's yarn of course! I found my tatting needles while on vacation in Mississippi, tucked away in Hobby Lobby. Yarn was fun to shop for I found shop on Etsy called PomPomPurses and the Kimberly happened to be selling Large collection of Vintage Threads. Those however I accidentally shipped to my mom's house and had to wait till after my trip to retrieve them.

So armed only with needles and Black crochet cotton, my sister I decided to tackle the Flower pendant, tutorial by Totusmel. Pain staking hours passed as I worked into the night and finally produced something resembling the desired pattern.
After some sleep the next day I started again, I was determined to make this happen! So here are two of my best flowers thus far! After completing flowers, I had to find another pattern.

Lucky for me and everyone else Totusmel has quite a few! The second pattern was "The Fluerette necklace", this one I did in two parts, tatting the fluerette by itself to learn the pattern and get feel for it, then the entire necklace. So far I really like needle tatting, its something new and untouched, and applications are so wide. I am certainly not making my grandmother's doilies. I plan completing and mastering all of her Tatting Tutorials one by one this should be an epic quest. If you'd like to check Totusmel's awesome works she's listed in the Inspiring Artists section of my blog.

I'm going to keep tatting it is really challenging and hopefully learn to incorporate it in my other works. I've got lot's of good ideas brewing up in my head. In other exciting news My garden is doing well, My herbs and plants are growing so well. I picked up purple bamboo silk yarn today for an attempt at Totusmel's Scarf pattern. I also going to put together a piece on fairy bottle earrings. I really hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. Till Next Time Happy Crafting!


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