Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dragons! and Candy

How not to tat your Dragon! Exhibit A! Misreading the pattern late at night and mixing your R's or rings up for Ch, or chains. I was so excited when I found this pattern. It's called the Minor Flaying Norwegian Dragon by Anne Buvold and can be found here. It was a good start I plan on attempting this one at more reasonable hour than 3 in the morning. If you have problems if split rings Totusmel has an excellent video explaining how to do them on a needle you check that out here. I'm still very much so a tatting novice. But learning is fun the part! I will conquer the Dragon pattern. The Intatters forum is pretty awesome too.

I have a Project Candy update today! The pieces are dripping with crystals and glazed. Next step for the earrings is assembly. I Also made some strawberry charms I might use those for earrings. These earrings will be extra sweet
But I also want to make something very Victorian and lacy to cover
both styles. This coming week I will be starting on pink sculpted roses maybe even a red rose.

I'm not ready to show my mask concept sketch yet! The sketch is not ready yet. As much as I would like to share it. I did yard work today, went shopping. Spent time with my husband and my puppy. It was nice a Saturday. Tomorrow I plan on hitting the beach for sun, fun and fishing! I also started putting a tutorial together for my string art earrings I look forward to posting that here for everyone soon. Till then!

See ya soon,


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