Friday, July 15, 2011

Mask Concept!

Finally, ready to show off my concept sketch for my Steam punk mask. Usually I just make my masks with out giving single hint as what I'm up to. I am planning making this one of my half masks. I'll need to start ordering cogs, gears, Roman numerals and ostrich feathers. I'm so excited about making this piece, I'm on the fence about adding a working music box to the front as well or using that on another mask.

The color scheme will be in jewel tones and with blacks and gold. I all ready have an idea fo my Silent Auction piece, I'm thinking in the realm of a Wine Goddess. something similar to Harvest Goddess mask but so much more ravishing and luxuriant. I really love the thrill of being inspired. Its like tapping into something truly magical.

I did sleep better last night, Today was nice I spent it with my Sketchbook drawing, Its been such long time since I've touched my colored pencils and inks. I had a great training session with my puppy Today, he was pretty good today. A huge Storm blew in over my house, made m think of Winnie the Pooh and Hot tea. I'll be a bit in out next two weeks I'm helping my sister move in. We'll have get things set up house for me to be able to post. I'll try to get some Twitter and Facebook posts in and some pictures hopefully.

Take Care