Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Dragon's Horde : Vesperion

This painting is acrylic on 12x12 canvas, I did this piece because I happen to love dragons. He came out a little bit on the cartoon side though. I rather like the idea of a dragon and his treasure horde. I was inspired by my friend's brilliant post on Dragon Awareness. It was humorous and enlightening on the epidemic of dragon attacks and how they effect our lives. If only dragons existed. This is my Dragon Vesperion watching over his horde. I'm still happy I made this piece.

Another piece of art I made that was inpired by dragons is the Dragon's Heat Stone Cuff Bracelet, a one of a kind piece inspired by Robin Mckinly's "Hero and the Crown." I read this book when I was very young but it enchanted me nonetheless. In the book it was said that the last drop of blood from a dragon's heart created a powerful stone that was neither good nor evil it just was. That was something I thought about when I made the piece. I'm still currently at work on tatting that dragon and not messing him up this time!!!!

Dream Big!!


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