Thursday, June 30, 2011

Feathers and Roses

So I've been away for several months, but fear not I'm finally back and ready to roll. So much has happened in the past couple of months, I moved in with my in laws. Its taken quite a bit of time to get settled and adjusted. During the past few months I took time to get my life a bit in order, though its still a wonderful chaotic mess, I started a garden, took up exercising, learned to make sushi and pasta from scratch. Let my muse take a nice long hiatus so she could get some rest and my creative functions would return to me revived. I also had the chance to sculpt some new roses I started sculpting plumeria, frangi pani flowers. They are still a work in progress.

Other projects I have been experimenting with are earrings and needle tatting. For years I never wore earrings. Now I'm suddenly in love with them. I added a few new pairs to my Etsy shop. They were fun to make, I hope to add more fun and unique styles with really bright colors. I also getting into added small elements from sculpting to my earrings as well. The earrings pictured above are an example. I sculpted the mini roses and attached them to the brass settings. I named those "The Queen's White Roses" after the White Queen in "Alice Wonderland." These feather earrings are just so much fun to wear. I like how light they feel when you wear them. Also the color possibilities are endless I learned to make from Craftovision (just click on Craftovsion for a link to the tutorial.) Corrine's Tutorial is really easy to follow and is fun. The Craftovison website is a great community of crafter's who share work and their tutorials. I find as great place to share ideas and read up on what others in the DIY community are up too. These earrings are my own version of the what Corine did.

Well that's all for now! My next post will be about an update on my needle tatting. Till next time Happy Crafting


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