Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stamp It and Stitch it!

Made for the Amazing Laura 
So I have been busy playing with my stamps lately, on clay, a technique I had been wanting to try this so very badly! I made this pendant for dear friend of mine who is such an inspiration to me. The color is Kaura Pink  and reminds me of butter cream frosting. Thanksgiving  and Christmas are around the corner I am very busy making presents. I think a Handmade gift for Christmas is awesome, I love making my presents because it makes them personal and one of a kind.

Personalized Pendants for Eva and Ava. 
The technique is for clay stamping is simple and straight forward, It makes me wonder why I waited so long to try this. I have about million ideas swirling around in my head. I think personalized pendants will great gifts for anyone. I'm going to have purchase more stamps, I have an idea for an amazing mask.

Kitsune Hat
I am crocheting again as well.  Working on mittens made from April Draven's Blog she has tons of lovely crochet patterns and she sells them on Etsy as well. I made a my own Kitsune hat which is  a prototype for making a better one I am pleased with how it came out however, I learned many things I want to change. Or can do much better next go around I also plan on making a Cloche hat.

Feather Harley Quinn Inspired Earrings
Also  for a tiny shout to my love of Harley Quinn I made red  and black feather earrings for a fellow fan of Miss Harley. I love making feather earrings. They are super light and comfy, they don't add weight on the ears.These required some wire wrapping skills but were fun to make. This fan of Miss Harley has also attended me at two craft shows in Mississippi and  is the wonderfully Charming Mrs Angela. She's a fellow artist who paints and draws, and is currently learning the rudiments of animation.

Clay Owl Pendant.
Lastly, today I sculpted a small owl from Fimo polymer clay. It was my first owl pendant. He measures about 2 inches tall is a inch and a half in width. I made each feather and added crystals for the eyes and will be making these for my Etsy shop as well some octopus charms. These will be available to be ordered in custom colors and with different color choices available for eyes.

Working a new How to Project and Holiday Craft List Until Next time!

Keep Dreaming Big!

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