Friday, September 9, 2011

A Trip to Georgia

Miss Mad Hatter in watercolor pencil by Sorianna Choate
I recently traveled to Georgia, to visit my Husband's family for the past week. It was a great trip filled with warm family love, pumpkin butter and cinnamon rolls. It started with a trip to visit the fabulous Heather Ozee, my wonderfully talented cousin, her husband and her amazing two girls Roxy and Isabel. We played arts and crafts all day and my puppy Tor romped with the girls as well. I had a chance to test out watercolor pencils, it was love at first brushstroke. Also Heather had the house decorated for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays! I did this quick sketch after talking about Miss Roxy's upcoming birthday party. I really liked how easy the pencils were to use. Also Alice in Wonderland is great theme for any party! My talented cousin runs a shop on Etsy, a blog and here's her Facebook page Heather Ozee Designs.

Pretty Purple Tiara by Sorianna Choate and Kayla Porter

After spending the day with them we headed up to Suwanee, to my mother in law's for barbecue and some football. As always the food was amazing! My sister in law and I started on our crafting odyssey. I worked out the kinks in my next how to project which I will attempt to finish this weekend. I made a lovely purple tiara for her, I learned how to crochet a granny square, baked chocolate chip cookies  and made cinnamon rolls. It was a blast I visited with my amazing half brother Shane and his step mom Marcia! I was surprised with early birthday cake by my mother in law, it was delicious! I also partook in daily tea as well. Notes on the tiara, this was combined effort of my sister in law, Miss Kayla and I, she helped make roses with me and placed them after I finished all the wire work, Its good to be home, though I enjoy visiting family I wish I had more time. My husband was there too I promise! He got in some great naps and play time with all the little fuzzies!

Family Christmas, Hattiesburg, MS 2005   
On a side note today would have been my father's 51st birthday, I miss him dearly. I would like to think he's relaxing on a beach right now with the moon right over him, his fishing pole in his hands, with great a big smile on his face. Also good music playing the background

As always, dream big! Remember to tell those you love that you love them.

Sorianna <3

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