Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well the Results are in....

I worked very hard for "Play with Clay" challenge on Instructables. I made two entries of which one was featured my "How to 80s style Earrings" and a second entitled "Glamorous Plumeria /bracelet made from polymer clay." I did not make it into the final rounds of the competition but, I did enjoy competing. I really like how glamorous this piece actually came out. I was very nervous about using myself as a model. I think it would be a lovely wedding piece of jewelry for any bide after I finished making it, which was a side thought after final completion.

 My current projects have been focused mostly on Amigurumi , Japanese style of crochet for making tiny plush toys.  I have made an invincibility star, elephant, teddy bear and currently hard at work on  a "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic" piece. The Star was fun to make the pattern is not mine I found it here .My camera broke on my birthday, in September. working on trying to get funds together to continue sharing my ideas and pieces with my tiny corner of the world. I'm also very busy with trying to my body back in shape at the moment! That's all for quick update at the moment.

To make the choker go here:
Glamorous Plumeria /bracelet made from polymer clay

Keep dreaming!!!

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