Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Canvas Chat: Meet Katie Garcia

Katie Garcia and her daughter, Guinevere
This week I had a chance to interview a photographer, Katie Garcia of Katie Garcia Photography. She is a wonderfully talented photographer that has taken many beautiful photos that inspire and capture the imagination. Katie's work also captures beautiful moments and memories.  I own one of her prints myself from her trip to Japan. The print hangs in my bedroom, it's called "Ancient Gardens." I have loved her work since I first saw the piece "Ancient Gardens" a few years back.

AtC: Tell us about yourself?

KG: I'm a busy body, I feel like I must always be creating something.  I have a loving husband and an adorable (yet sometimes crazy!) 2 year old.

AtC: When did you become interested in photography?

KG: I would say in high school is when I started to get more serious about it.  I was photographer for the school yearbook and did some photocamp stuff.

AtC: Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?

KG: My mother.  I remember going through the basement one day when I was younger and finding all these old prints my mother had taken of my father when they were in college and I just thought "I want to be able to do this."

AtC: Why is Photography important to you?

KG: Memories.  Thats the long and short of it.  Every picture reminds me of a time and place thats special to me.

AtC: What do you enjoy most about photography?

KG: Instant gratification (now that there is digital that is).

AtC: In your opinion, what makes photography an art?

KG: The name itself tells you what makes it art. Photography translates to painting with light.

AtC: What influences you when you start taking pictures?

KG: That's a hard one.  I just see something that interests me and go for it.

AtC: Why do enjoy doing what you do?

KG: Who wouldnt love being able to hold a memory

AtC: Most exciting place you’ve taken pictures?

KG: Tokyo for sure there is SO munch stuff to photograph I almost didnt know what to do with myself.

AtC: What do you hope others see when they view your work?

KG:  A picture that evokes an emotion.

AtC: Do you have any advice to aspiring to photographers?

KG: Never quit experimenting.

If you'd like to purchase or follow Katie's wonderful work you can find her here:


All photos in this article are property of Katie Garcia Photography and  have been posted with permission of Katie Garcia Photography.

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  1. Katie did our wedding the pictures were amazing. All of my friends have hired her since with stellar results. We have her prints hanging over our mantle and all over the rest of our home.

    she has a great eye and never ceases to find the shot you didn't know you wanted.

    Thanks for being awesome Katie. If you want to see what I'm talking about then I encourage you to check out her work at her photography page on Facebook. ...And no, she didn't put me up to this =).

    -Jason and the Fogleman Family