Monday, August 27, 2012

Mermaids and the Beach

Recently, I decided to dust off my paintbrushes. Watercolor is often my weapon of choice. There's something about the way you can make shadows and light with it that I absolutely adore. This piece started late one night after studying the female figure. I started sketching working up my concept.

Typically when I paint I rush the piece, not this time the image shown here to the left is only part of one session of painting. Previous to this I did a quick work up of a painting using watercolor pencils. I love mermaids and have always found them so very fascinating.

I suppose its part of my obsession with the sea. I was raised by it and have always found it enchanting. So it was also nice this weekend to spend my Sunday playing at the beach with family. It definitely helps the creative process to work itself along. I've added more to my pink haired mermaid painting since then. I can't wait till its finished.

It was also nice to take a day off from the usual workload and soak up some sunshine. I got some sunshine too. My edges are feeling a little roasted. The beach was nice, even if the currents and waves were crashing from Issac. It was good day to be with family.

I am working on fine tuning the next instructable and new steam punk pieces to highlight this week. I am also working on a concept for LACT Artist series II : Heroes. I am going to the be participating in the Heart walk. I'll be donating a new piece to the raffle as well.

That's all for now.


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