Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Canvas Chat: Meet Kaura!

I enjoy interviewing artists. So with a short introduction I'd like to introduce Kaura of Wire to Bling. She's a chainmaille artisan with a passion!

AtC: Tell us about where you are from and how you got started?

K: I am currently from Beaverton, Oregon. We recently moved here from Texas. I got started in chainmail a few months back when I saw it in "Legends of the Safety Pin" on facebook. I decided to give it a try and make a bracelet.

AtC: When did you discover your artistic talents?

K: I have never been great at crafts. I can't draw and I lack concentration. I'm normally bored with a project by the time I get the hang of it. But chainmail has been the first project that keeps my mind entertained. Each project is like a mental vent for me.

AtC: How would you describe your style?

K: My style is random. Most of the time I'm following a pattern and end up turning it into something completely differnt. Trying to make crosses turned into a flower pattern, trying to make a pendant turned into making a jump ring hackysack that my husband plays with daily.

AtC: What influences you when start a piece of work?

K: A.D.D. is actually my biggest inspiration. I've never felt comfortable with having to stick to a pattern. My mind is on stop 3 when I'm still working on step 1. But with crafting chainmail it's actually a good thing that I can see something form in my head before it forms in my hands.

AtC: Why do enjoy doing what you do?

K: I love chainmail because of its entertainment value. It helps me learn to focus but still uses what others would see as a disability (my A.D.D.) as an advantage. And when I hear people say something I've made is beautiful, it makes my day.

AtC Tell us something Funny that happened to you recently?

K: Recently, my son made his own necklace with my jump rings that he was going to give me by leaving it in my supply box as a suprise. I mistook it as one of my practice strands and took it apart to use on a project. When he asked me about it I said i misplaced it and had to sneak out of the house to buy more wire and remake the necklace he had made me.

AtC: Describe yourself in a few words?

K: In a few words I am friendly, curious, and happy.

If you'd to find out more about Kaura you can find her here:

Etsy: Wire to Bling

Facebook: Wire to Bling


  1. I love it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  2. Such a beautiful and talented wife, sister, and mother. Her

  3. Thank you for the interview it was such a pleasure.