Friday, November 23, 2012

Trip to Georgia! Part 1

So I took a little vacation up to Georgia to visit family and recharge my creative spirit. I arrived early Saturday morning at the festively awesome house of Heather Ozee. Heather is my cousin and she's awesome. She's also an amazingly talented artist! I spent the day celebrating her oldest daughter Roxy's birthday and the evening we spent together painting. There's just something awesome about painting with another artist, that's magical..

I had a blast at her house and being around her family was awesome. She also painted something for me. It's of the carousel horses at Disney. I love it! Through some magical accident involving glitter the painting is a tiny bit sparkly. I have to thank her younger daughter Isabel for that.

I also finished one painting while I was at Heather's. I am not sure if I am in love with it. I like my concept behind the piece. I think its something I will revisit in time. Painting for me is a process and trial and error.

The concept behind my painting was an abyssal mermaid. I like most of the colors and composition it didn't hit exactly what I was seeing.I am learning that even if I don't like the piece someone else might and that I can always try again. Best part of painting was just being able to paint with someone as awesome as my cousin.

That's how part of my trip started, with art, family and love. I had such a wonderful time at the Ozee house. I'll be posting more on my trip at a later date,

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