Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dream Catchers and Self Portraits

So recently, on a trip to St. Augustine, I spied a large rainbow dream catcher.The colors were very vibrant and it was also adorned with rainbow feathers and capiz shells. I figured since I know how to make a small dream catcher let's make a ginormous on. This of course meant another trip to Hobby Lobby.

Its a good thing, I invested so much into my needle tatting supplies, because the thread is useful for this kinda stuff as well. I hope it will keep all the pesky bad dreams of evil clowns far, far away. I've completed covering the first hoop which is the largest.

My other larger project is that of  a self portrait for Local Artist Series III. I loathed the idea at first until I started digging through photos of myself. I went with my Queen Mab photo and have started painting it already.

I still have a shark tooth commission to finish this month and get my tree up. December is always a busy, busy month. I've got another great interview coming up as well.


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