Friday, November 23, 2012

Canvas Chat: Meet Artist Dan Davis

This week's interview is with artist, Dan Davis. He's another very talented member of LACT, guild. He's one of the members featured in Artist Series II : Heroes. He also has an awesome mural of Five Points at my favorite pizza place, Carmine's Pie House.

TC: Tell us a little about yourself?

Dan: I am 41 and have been drawing and painting since I was a youngster. I am one of the founders of another local artist collective called Le Refuse and I have been actively showing my art out and about in Jacksonville for a little more than a year.

TC: What is Creativity to you?

Dan: Creativity is taking what I see in my head and expressing it in whatever medium I think works best with it and then presenting it to the public.

TC: What role do you think an artist have in society?

Dan: I think an artist should create period. Sometimes beauty comes out and sometimes ugliness comes out. It is all a reflection of the world and society. People should value that honest reflection of themselves. Mostly I think artists should piss people off and make them think, make them consider, make them uncomfortable with their on thoughts that they mostly ignore and squash down.

TC: What themes do you pursue?

Dan: My themes are mostly dark When I make a point in my work I like to do it with a pick ax not a pin. I often like to take a subject put a clever twist on it and fuck with the people viewing it. Sometimes I'm the only person in on the joke. I think my work can be based in to two simple files Socio-political commentary and fun twisted horror art.

TC: where do you derive some of your inspiration from?

Dan: I get inspired from the news and pop culture around me. Horror movies sometimes inspire me and my wife inspires me and collaborates with me sometimes.

TC: Do you have any creative rituals or routines you do before you get started working on something?

Dan: Not really other than I often take a very long time to sit and think on a project. I might get an idea for a piece write it down in my idea book and then think on it for months before I put actual brush to canvas.

TC: What is your favorite Medium to work in? Why that Medium?

Dan: I have always really loved oils. I like the buttery like texture of the medium and how it feels to physically use it on a canvas. I like the way it blends and the richness of the look once done.

TC: What superpower would you have and why?

Dan: But I'm already an evil genius what more do I need?

TC: Most interesting thing being an artist has done for you?

Dan: It has allowed me to express myself with my fellow beings. It has allowed me to communicate deep visions and flighty fantasies in a way that I think and hope are accessible to everyone. It has allowed me to collaborate and know some very talented and original people. Most importantly it has allowed me to meet my wife of 14 years.

TC: Do you have any advice to give the many aspiring artists out there?

Dan: Create what you want to create not what you think people will buy. That will leave you disappointed and frustrated most days. Show, show, show create and show some more. Part of being an artist is putting yourself out there. Be professional. Don't be a drama queen, be polite, humble, a team player. If you say you are going to do something. Do it and be on time.

TC: Where can we find your work?

Dan: All over town. I show almost once a week at Eclipse. I have my art in a few shops around town. Almost every Artwalk I am somewhere down there. If you want to keep up with where I will be next check out my FB.

Artist Dan Davis

All Artwork included in this piece are property of Dan Davis and have been shared with his express permission.

*Note :The views and opinions expressed in this blog entry are those of the interviewed artist and do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of blog's creator.

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