Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Painting in Progess.

I have my own painting ritual, its one that takes time, silence and patience. I have recently endeavored to push my skills to a new level, past their previous marks. In stating that, I decided to take on a portrait project. I had inquired a friend of mine many months ago if I could paint her daughter, Olivia. Just recently finally cleared a space for it and time.

The project started with a sketch from a photo.  Something about it didn't strike me from the original sketch.Thank goodness for light lines and erasers. I sat back down last night to work on it again.  This time I looked at photo of her again, I really wanted to paint her face.

So after an hour or so of lightly sketching and erasing I came to something I really liked. I spent the  next hour painting carefully. In the past I have shied heavily away from painting people, and always opted for a more anime/fantasy style.

In the search for new things and new subjects I am learning and trying new techniques, which is the best part. I love making something beautiful. Something I will try differently next is possibly doing a grid drawing first. I might do some pieces just in pencil to practice.

This is where I left off last night painting. It needs work but I am happy and have received positive feedback. We shall see where this goes....

As for my other endeavors, I'm making a Scoodie that is "Assassin's Creed" themed and still working on mask sketches. I have ideas too many of them perhaps.

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