Sunday, January 27, 2013

Canvas Chat with Lance Partridge

Lance Partridge is an artist whose work I viewed on my first trip to Art Walk. At first glance I was drawn in by the surreal black and white worlds he had created. Each one holding a tiny spot of color that drew me in deeper. Part of it was like looking into something out of a daydream. Each piece is its own fragmented world. My interview with him reveals some about the daydreaming and the painting he does.

Sorianna: Tell me about yourself and your work.

Lance: Well let's see I am 45, divorced with three teen boys. I'm a self taught painter of two years, no art schooling what so ever. I've always liked to draw and one day decided I wanted to paint what I was drawing.

Sorianna: Only two years!?

Lance: Yeah, you know I pretty much watched Bob Ross all the time and always told myself I can probably paint like him. But I never picked up a brush during my years of watching him.

Sorianna: Can you describe your style?

Lance: Honestly Sorianna, I don't call it or have a style ..I just go with what feels and looks natural. Almost a style of all styles you can say, and what I've pretty much done is look at books and checked videos online of all kinds of artist from masters to beginner and just adapted a little of them all.

Sorianna: Your pieces in black and white have a tiny splash of color in them, can you tell me some more about this?

Lance: My first piece ever in the black and white series is the red apple, ''Forbidden Fruit'', I had sketched it about a year ago and I wanted to paint it. The thing was is I wanted the painting to look exactly like my drawing which was done in pen, so that's how the whole b/w paintings started.and if you look at most of work now its what I want you to do is, to lose yourself in it

Sorianna: Do you get lost in your own work?

Lance: Oh yeah, I stare for hours sometimes on unfinished paintings even just to get the feel of being alive with it. Kinda weird I know but, I really do fly in the clouds.

Sorianna: Do you think your day dreaming is huge influence on your work?

Lance: Absolutely, I'm also into meditation as well.

Sorianna: Do you have a favorite piece and is it hard to let one go if the original is sold?

Lance: Oh yeah, when I first started doing the art walk, I wasn't ready to part with any of my paintings . Just two weeks ago I sold two of my originals to a couple and I felt a completeness to my art I guess you can say. As far as a favorite goes, they're all my favorite.

Sorianna: What is you favorite thing about the work you do and your least favorite part of it?

Lance: I truly love it all, it makes me feel so alive just going through all the ups and downs of a creative process. I think expressing myself on canvas was an eye opener to me just by the reaction of family, friends and people who appreciate my art. It's my calling I guess you can say and I say to all if you wake up one day and just have an urge to draw, paint or pick up a guitar... Then play it and play it loud!

You can find more about Lance Partridge here:

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