Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anything Helps A Community Project

"Anything Helps is an ongoing community awareness project designed to increase interaction through art & good deeds. The premise is that any
contribution to the community, whether through art, donations, kind words, or a smile, makes the community stronger, closer, and better able to help those in need[Anything Helps.]"

My first interaction with the lovely people of Anything Helps, were at Art Walk back in November of 2012. At the time I was walking around and Liz pulled me into taking a picture for the project. I had fun with it, my husband even got into the photo with me! Since then I've enjoyed working with them and doing non art related activities. I enjoy each month looking at all new faces from Art Walk that have been added to the Anything Helps collection.

The photographer, Vic Jacome also helped me by taking photos of my art work for me to make prints of. Just goes to show how good deeds and helping others are part of a positive cycle. Vic and Liz both attend Art Walk and work on taking photos with their cardboard sign. They hope to attain 1,000 pictures with good deeds the on back of each one. So make sure if you take a photo for them you get back to them and write down that deed! If not please message them on their on page.

Anything Helps will be at One Spark this year, and you can also find them at Art walk which is the first Wednesday of every month in Downtown Jacksonville.

One Spark dates April 17-21 & they will located at Main St. Park

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Photos by Vic Jacome

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