Sunday, January 13, 2013

December in One Lump

I've been a tad busy working on multiple projects. Since, November I have completed multiple pieces, traveled and attended the LACT Art Exchange..I did finish my self portrait painting for series III. However this time I did not place. I'm okay with that. Painting myself took me out of my comfort zone. So the experience itself was rewarding enough. The painting took me over a week and left me feeling quite accomplished.

The LACT Art exchange was a blast!! I got some awesome pieces by trading some of my jewelry. I now have two prints by Kyle Willis. One is from Serenity and the other of Tigg from Sons of Anarchy. A proto pillow it looks like a Celtic knot, a photo taken in Oahu, a necklace, a print by Josh Rudloff, belly dancing skeletons by Maria Marfina, and a candle. I had a great time with everyone and enjoyed seeing all the art and talking about the group. It was fun.

I had a wonderful three Christmases. I spent one in Atlanta, one at my sister's and one with my in-laws. That was all in the course of one week. Afterwards all I wanted was a nap. I have been busy since then. I have more things to come. I made many things for Christmas. However most of them, I for once did not photograph.

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