Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sometimes I dream about Pink Elephants....

I really wanted to paint this piece. I suppose part of it was from an old commercial for, Ellie the Elephant. Also, parents gave me a pink elephant swizzle stick for my 21st birthday. The elephant broke off the swizzle stick awhile back. I have been keeping the tiny glass elephant in my terrarium. My best friend loves elephants as well. She was also a huge influence on this painting.There have been pink elephants dancing my head for about a month.

When I finally had some quiet time, I worked on a small sketch first. Then took a day to step up my board and paints. I really love using watercolors. They have a wonderful translucency to them when you paint.

In other news, I have been hard at work on my Halloween costume. I've so far managed to make my tutu, it only took 27 yards of tulle. It has the poofy factor that's for sure. It represents the look I'm going for. Did some shopping over the weekend. I've been pondering putting an entry in the Make it Glow contest on Instructables. There also some new interviews coming up with some of the great people from Local Artists Coming Together. I also have to sit down finish a dragon sculpture and book piece.

So much to do and so little time.

Seasons Screamings to eveyone!



  1. It reminds me of the elephant game where it shoots butterflies out of its nose and you catch them. But your elephant is cute and theirs was weird.

  2. Hahaha Yeah that was part of it. Ellie the Elephant game. I might paint another one.