Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY: Personalized Bracelet with Needle Tatting.

DIY: Personalized Bracelet with Needle Tatting. I came up with this simple project while a brainstorming ideas for Jewelry Challenge on Instructables. I wanted to make something simple and easy to follow. Also I am still very nearly addicted to stamps and polymer clay.

I bought more stamps yesterday with my sister. Steadily, I am cultivating a collection of them. I hope to get a large texture block for a mask. Back to the project at hand, this project can be done in the span of hour or less its pretty straight forward. Also inexpensive.

To make this bracelet:

DIY: Personalized Bracelet with Needle Tatting.

I unfortunately lost some photos last weekend and my lucky star project is on hold due to that. Onto other news I recently made batch of most adorable clay Peeps and I sculpted some sea turtles. I've been very busy dreaming up new ideas.

Also, I am having fun working on needle tatting. Its nice to be into my crafting. Sorry its taken so long to post something new I've been spending time sketching , planning and getting my face painted by the amazing Tiffany.Than's all for now Enjoy the Turtles!



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