Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lucky Star Garland

Finally I have completed this project! A few months ago I was playing with origami folds and making different animals. I made fish and butterflies. Then this little tiny project "Lucky Star" came up in my search for more things to fold. Then I ended up making 200 stars and was stuck trying to figure out what to do them.

Then this came to mind, a project that combines medias. A paper star garland that involves needle tatting and jewelry making skills. Then end result is beautiful. I really love how this turned out. Now to make this project:

 Lucky Star Garland Instructable!

When I finished the project I hung it up in my niece's room. I really enjoyed this project and now I can do split rings perfectly. I think I am going to make another one with baby blue stars for a tea party decoration, with little paper clouds hanging from it.

In other news I will be busy moving into my new apartment with my husband over the next couple of days it may be little while before my next project.

I do however have some goodies lined up to show everyone along with a giveaway planned for May. That's it for now keep crafting and always dream big!


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