Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Obsession: Glitter Paint

Cotton Candy Pink Glitter Paint
Oh glitter, where have you been all this time, hiding from my collection of craft supplies. I recently have been collecting colors of Martha Stewart's multi surface glitter paint for various projects. I really like how well it works.

I've only used it on wooden beads so far, but I want to try it on glass, polymer clay and maybe even something tatted. It says if you allow to let it cure for 21 days it becomes dishwasher safe. I forsee glittery mustache necklace and matching mustache coffee cup.

I was in Atlanta recently for the weekend, on a short trip to see my in laws. I wished it had been longer so I could see my brother and his family and my amazing cousin Heather and the monkies. A day is a day and I enjoyed it. I went shopping picked up more paint and some awesome stamps.

Allen, one of my father in laws [yes I have two] cooked an amazing dinner for a small family get together. As good I've been I decided to enjoy the weekend and the food. Onto more pressing issues my Valentine's project was not finished on time. I will be completing and uploading the new Instructable hopefully tomorrow. As well details for the giveaway. This month has turned to out be busier than I expected.

Busy is a good thing, the necklace picture to the right is one of fun things I came up using sequined beads and glitter paint. The the background is from one of my  new beautiful display cases that my mother in law got me. I can't wait to use them at craft shows. Well that's all for now!!



  1. I just indulged in glitter made for polymer clay! What fun. My blog post today was my first glitter projects.

    1. Very cool I'll have to try that out. I'm really liking the glitter paint so far.