Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Post

Welcome to my Blog! I will be detailing some of my art projects here, as well some tutorials for how make some of them . I've been working heavily with Polymer clay, my favorite brand is Fimo, Its very study and works well for a multitude of projects. I've made some rings, brooches and my favorite thing to make clay so far would be Venetian style Carnival masks. I'll be making a post soon with all my currently completed pieces. Most of my work the inspirations comes from so many different places. I enjoy making things I think are pretty or beautiful. Inspiration coming from the beach, Victorian period, Rococo, Baroque, Middle East, Philippines and that's only naming a few. I run shop on Etsy and I'm looking forward to attending more art and craft shows in the future. Things to com soon will be web gallery for my website with picture of my pieces past and present. I hope you enjoy Following my Blog.

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